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Welcome to Lightstyles! We've been lighting up Southern California since 1986 and have evolved into a one-stop-shop showcasing some of the finest indoor and outdoor lighting, recessed lighting, ceiling fans, table and floor lamps and a full line of electrical supplies. Our Lighting Specialists are accredited by the American Lighting Association (ALA) through an extensive diploma course and provide expert lighting design services. We take pride in offering state-of-the-art and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, whether decorative, architectural, or utility. We provide exceptional customer service, offer the most cutting-edge innovations from all over the world, and guarantee the lowest prices to contractors, designers, electricians, and homeowners alike.

Experience our LED products firsthand at our LED Experience Centers, where you can see all the practical applications of our modern lighting solutions. LED is a highly energy-efficient lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting in the United States. Residential LEDs -- especially ENERGY STAR rated products -- use at least 75% less energy, and last up to 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.

As industry leaders in indoor and outdoor lighting, Lightstyles understands the importance of collaboration with designers and contractors to create stunningly unique projects. That's why we are proud to offer our exclusive Lightstyles Designer Program and Lightstyles Contractor Program. These specialized programs offer benefits and rewards to those in the industry, providing access to exclusive promotions, discounted rates, and the latest technology. Lightstyles know that exceptional design and functionality is key to any successful project, and our programs are designed to provide the resources necessary for success. Joining our Lightstyles programs means joining a community of innovative thinkers who share our passion for exceptional lighting solutions.

At Lightstyles, we provide stylish, sustainable, and energy-efficient solutions that elevate our customers’ lives - it is this mission that will continue to drive us forward into the future.

Our Team

Debbie Bernstein photo

Debbie Bernstein

Design Department Manager
Debbie saw an opportunity to learn about lighting and lighting design with LightStyles and has been with us for over 10 years. She enjoys the challenges that working with LightStyle provides and learns something new every day. Debbie loves to help customers so she takes great pride in seeing a completed project. Outside of work, Debbie enjoys gardening, drawing, painting, cooking, hiking, and playing the violin.
Lisa Picture

Lisa Volkov

Lighting Designer
Lisa wanted to pursue a different avenue in Interior Design and Lightstyles was the perfect fit. She's been with Lightstyles for over a year. Lisa enjoys working with the talented team at Lightstyles to create comfortable, visual environments for our clients. She finds satisfaction in seeing the surprise and joy on client's faces when they realize the importance of proper lighting and working with the team to create beautiful lighting solutions. Outside of work, Lisa loves spending time with family, her dogs, shopping and self-care.
Nathan Bio Pic

Nathan Gallaher

Store Manager
Nathan loves lamps. He's been with Lightstyles for over four years. Nathan enjoys working with the Lightstyles team to help customers find creative solutions to their lighting needs. He's especially proud when he gets the opportunity to work with contractors, electricians and designers to meet tight deadlines, and help them finish their projects on time and on (or under) budget. Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, being outdoors, and reading.

Manny Martinez

Warehouse Manager
Manny has been with Lightstyles for over twenty-two years because he sees a company that is passionate about their services and products. He enjoys working in a team environment that delivers results day-in and day-out. Manny is proud to see Lightstyles grow year after year and being part of that success. Other than his dedication to Lightstyles, Manny enjoys watching movies and sport events; especially his some's baseball games.
Nicolette Pic

Nicolette MacDonald

Nicollette has been using her creativity and experience to help and teach Lightstyle clients for over seventeen years. She's always on top with the newest and trending lighting styles in the industry. Nicollette is especially proud when she hears clients express their satisfaction with how the amazing choices she has shown them has changed and enhanced their home decor. Outside of Lightstyles, Nicollette loves visiting friends and family, enjoy gardening, and spending time with her husband.

Suzanne Bibayoff

Sales Associate
Suzanne came to LightStyles looking to learn a new trade and has been with us for over two years. She enjoys the friendship of coworkers and customers alike. One of her proudest moments was when she was able to help out a customer even though there was a language barrier. Suzanne loves to spend time with her nephew at Disneyland outside of work.

Vanessa Solares

Lighting Designer
Vanessa has been with LightStyles over a year. She loves all aspects of design, especially light illumination. Venessa has great knowledge of all architectural lighting and enjoys getting to see the unique design for each project. Outside of work, she loves to travel, enjoy time with family, and walks on the beach.

Lizbeth Correa

Lighting Designer
Lizbeth discovered her love of Lighting Design while studying Interior Design. She has been with LightStyles for over four years. Lizbeth finds satisfaction through the process of specifying architectural lighting and seeing the results with a customer. She is most proud of her custom design solutions for challenging projects. Outside of work, Lizbeth enjoys photography, salsa dancing, and hiking.

David Rapé

Senior Sales Associate
David's love of design, lighting, and customer services had kept him with Lightstyles for over twenty years. Having been the top Salesperson for eighteen years, David enjoys helping customers complete their projects. Many of the customers come back for repeat projects. In addition to working with customers and designers, David also enjoys hiking, movies, music and spending time with friends and family.

Janna Beard

Lighting Associate
Janna has always had an interest with lighting and design and has been with LightStyles for over six years. Her tenure with LightStyles has provided her with a vast knowledge of lighting. She enjoys educating customers on how important it is to get the right lighting for their homes and the multiple lighting options there are. Janna enjoys spending time in nature outside of work as well as skating, bowling, and grabbing a drink or two with close friends.

Featured Projects

Monarch Bay Residence

Monarch Bay Residence

Contemporary Single level residence. Clean simple design with emphasis on good lighting

Mission Viejo Residence

Mission Viejo Residence

Traditional Exterior, Orange County

The Drake

The Drake

Linear accent lighting at the ceiling cove, under the bar and the steps, combined with era-specific decorative fixtures create a beautiful and functional dining atmosphere for this Art Deco-themed restaurant.

Dallas Ranch

Dallas Ranch

Carefully planned exterior lighting design uses light and shadow to create drama. A spectacular first impression as one approaches the home’s entry.


Irvine Transitional

The central feature of the entry foyer is the Rotunda. During the day sunlight plays on the textured glass pendants and at night the cove at the top is illuminated with LED strip lighting.

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